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Pre Match Music to lower our expectations and accept our fate


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We could have Go Now by The Moody Blues when the man in the big coat takes his seat. Anything with Nils Lofgren on it would do for the players entrance.

Magic Sponge

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Pre game ... From the Riddler I won't back down - Tom Petty. For the fans, What have I done to deserve this - Pet shop boys, Why ? - The communards. Money for nothing - Dire Straits.

Post game August to October, Free Fallin Tom Petty. October to December Danger zone - Kenny Loggins. December onwards - The only way is up Yazz.

For the car on the way home from Ryan Lowe I'm Leavng on a jet plane - John Denver


I was at Deepdale November 5th 1985
Quite genuinely after we had lost 2-1 at home to Cardiff to round off the wrteched 69-70 season in which we were relegated to the old 3rd Division for the first time ever this is what was played over the tannoy as those of us who were there glumly filed out:

Although it's before my time as a PNE fan, my first match was 1972, I always thought that song was played after the 'Pickering hat trick' match.

Incidentally, Judith Durham passed away just recently.