Prediction League - PNE v Birmingham - 16/03/19 - Championship


PNE Exile
This is the prediction thread for PNE v Birmingham C
All predictions must be made before kick off at 3:00 pm on Saturday 16th March 2019.

You can see the latest table here.


Please post your prediction in the following format:

<Home team> <Home Score> - <Away Score> <Away Team>
<Name of Scorer>
<Attendance Prediction>

e.g. PNE 26-0 Blackpool
Attendance: 23,404

Your should aim to maximise the number of points you score according to the following system:

A maximum of 10 points are available for each prediction which are awarded as follows:

3 points for correct result W/L/D

1 point for correct home score

1 point for correct away score

2 points for correct first scorer

OR 1 point for correct scorer at any other time

You can only predict one goalscorer. Two or more and it won't count.

A correctly predicted 0-0 draw will be awarded 5 pts.

Finally, 3 more bonus points will be awarded to the poster(s) who guesses closest to the official attendance for each game.

An updated league table will be posted at least once a month.
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