Prediction League - PNE v Fulham - 27/11/2021 - Championship


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This is the prediction thread for PNE v Fulham
Predictions must be made before kick off at 3:00pm on Saturday 27th November 2021.


Please post your prediction in the following format:

<Home team> <Home Score> - <Away Score> <Away Team>
<Name of Scorer>

e.g. PNE 26-0 Blackpool

4 points for correct result W/L/D plus:
1 point for correct home score
1 point for correct away score

7 points for correct score (including 0-0)

2 points for correct first scorer or 1 point for correct scorer at any other time
You can only predict one goalscorer. Two or more and it won't count.

Plus a bonus point to anyone who predicts both the correct score and first scorer.

Plus 2 bonus points to whoever guesses closest to the official attendance. 1 point each if there are more than one nearest guesses.

Total 12 points up for grabs.

An updated league table will be posted at least once a month. You can see the lates table here.


4 1
Risse to grab one

I just can't get my head around what happens in the locker room, what happens on the training ground or else where

His tactics are nonsense
The only thing I can think of is,

Were 6 points off 6th
And the league is as always a crazy one
I think that the powers that be are keeping him in place as he's cheap that's all
No other reason
I just can't believe it's still being talked about
We know we're not a top 6 team
But we do know we're a good side and we can if pushed hit the play offs

It does hurt and if you say it's just a game your a fool
Preston north end has been in my grandads blood my dad's my own and my boys blood for a very long time (apart from picking sheffield wednesday in the 90s wen the Premier league started, only cause my dad used to work with Nigel Jemsons brother and we got a ticket or two hahaha)
This is and always will be my club
Lilly white till I die