Prediction League - Wigan Away (22/09/10) Carling Cup 3rd Round

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Please post all predictions for the Wigan Away (22/9/2010) game here, predictions for other games can be made in the prediction league sub-forum.

If the games goes to extra time, this will be counted against your predictions - a penalty shootout would not.

You can view the latest table at

All predictions throughout the season should be roughly in the form:

<Home Team> <Home score> - <Away score> <Away team>
<First scorer (either side)>

Blackpool 0 - 3 Preston

You can post right up until kick-off, any posts or edits made after kickoff will be disregarded. If you want to post a new prediction, you can just post again, your latest post will be the one taken.

Any questions, please ask.


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Wigan 4 - 0 PNE

If Saturdays piss poor performance is anything to go by we'll be lucky if we even get a shot on target, let alone score!
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