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Premier League

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What is this new trend with appointing and announcing a new manager to the press before the existing manager has left his post ..

Lopetegui being announced as the new West Ham manager before Moyes has been formally sacked…..
I think Moyes contract expires at the end of the season and is not being renewed.Another example of a teams form dropping off a cliff edge once they know the manager is leaving.
Liverpools title chase stalled when it was known that Klopp was leaving as did their European campaign.
Gary Neville, another 'Football expert', talking about Ten Haag's beautiful football at Ajax.
How does he not realise that Ten Haag had nothing to do with that, the whole club has played in that style for decades and is set up to do that.
Considering the financial backing Ten Haag is the worst manager they've had in the post Fergie era.

Obviously it's the Glazers fault though, the leaky roof at old Trafford is why they're the worst team in the league defensively.
I’m watching the snooker but every time I see Mitchell he looks like a player that could play for England competitively. Although Southgate obviously doesn’t fancy him too much, he still hasn’t switched allegiance to Jamaica. I do wonder if Southgate is still trying to get Olise to switch?

It’s clear how much Hodgson was holding this team back, just think how good they’ll be once they’ve got over the two years changing manager sets you back.