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Matchday Thread Preston North End v Sheffield United - 17/09/22 - KO:15:00


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May 7, 2004

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Last season, 0-2 down at HT and down to 10 men.

Battered them 2nd half to earn a brilliant 2-2 draw.

More of that 2nd half spirit today lads!!
I don't think they'll win today... But, I thought Burnley would batter them and was proven wrong.

So I'm going into this open minded, obviously not going to see a goalfest from our end, but I won't go in (or on) negatively.
Last season, 0-2 down at HT and down to 10 men.

Battered them 2nd half to earn a brilliant 2-2 draw.

More of that 2nd half spirit today lads!!

Sounds like a plan... Play them with 10. We might even score with more room on the pitch. :D
It’s a big day for Lowe today . So many of his players are below par will he stick or twist ? He’s dropped Browne and Johnson who I thought were un droppable are there going to be surprises ? A really big day which I sort of think we might shade .. we did it against Brentford? Who were undefeated last year .. why not Sheffield?
Big match today - lose heavily and we’ll really start to hear the grumbles on the terraces.

I’m absolutely on my arse having caught covid after our lass went for a day out in Blackpool for her mate’s 30th so can’t attend. First time I’ve had it and have to be honest, I thought it was something and nothing but my temperature was touching 39 yesterday and I don’t think I’ve ever been this poorly before. Goes to show, nothing (aside from a North End away win) good ever happens in Blackpool!

I’m hopeful we can stifle them, but don’t see us scoring more than 1. 1-1 again for me.

As a side note, not sure if it’s been mentioned but Leeds owner taken a liking to RyLo according to the local media over my way.. he’ll be off like a flash if anything materialises there. If only we’d brought a striker and a wing-back in ey..
Same as Tuesday for me - fearing the worst but hoping for the best. Would take a draw.

Interesting to see what the team / tactics will be. "Attacking brand" or park the bus. I've a feeling it will be the latter.

If we try to play expansive there's a danger we could get taken apart.
Can’t see us getting anything today, and expect it to be another tough watch like Tuesday. Zero positivity and desire to watch us at home at the moment
Personally, I think Burnley are far superior to S.U.
As long as Lyndsay takes care of 'bully boy' McBurnie we are definitely in with a shout.
I can't see lots of chances, both sides will be cagey, everything will hinge on capitalising on that one chance.
Riis did it last season, can history repeat itself? My heart says yes.
Nigh on 90mins of chasing shadows on Tuesday, we're going to be knackered after an hour - easy pickings for Sheff U today I reckon.