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Query regarding censoring of posted messages by MBCha Moderator


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You know that bollox and a massive assumption. So anyone who opposes a leftie soft ideology is a homophone or racist? This attitude is very much a nazi type attitude, if you don't like our attitude then you're the devil type of attitude.

I’m sure someone once said that this guy was a homophone:



Please could I have an explanation regarding why several of my posts to the PNE Online Message Board are censored by yourself and removed from the listing.

We8PNE regularly posts messages to the PNE Board and his user name We8PNE states his hatred of PNE. He is never censored from spouting his hatred and insults.
Charles, you mustn't allow yourself to get upset by certain posters. It's a broad church on here.

Anyway, how was your evening with Fanny Mae?

Did you have to use the puncture repair kit?


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Hey @charliefelix I'm still waiting for my apology...

Whenever you're ready cha.

You must be bored if you are looking up 4 day old bullshit threads......... Get over to the rumours thread and get it cleaned up... And while you're at it warn that lasher for keep coming on here at midnight with no bugger else to argue with, it's hit and run and not fair.. :ROFLMAO:

Seriously, I spent over 20 years in Sunday league footy ( player and manager ) and loads of memories mainly it was feckin freezing , wet and putting the bloody nets up was a nightmare ( I preferred Summer league in the evening on rock hard pitches when it was warm)........... Best of luck to you and your team pal. (y)