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Yep.. iPad is particular difficult to edit.

I took the liberty of quoting sliper here.

When on iPhone, Quote function seems really difficult to use - bit of a PITA and can lead to a particular problem when editing a quoted post within a quoted post). No problem on laptop.

I think this is a relatively recent thing - maybe 2-4 weeks.

sliper’s iPad seems to have had exactly the same issue that I did yesterday- where deleting some superfluous text in a quoted post left it attributing the quote to the wrong poster - which isn’t going to destroy the country- but it’s not ideal.

No idea if iOS has changed- or forum software. But is seems something isn’t compatible anymore.

Just alerting you. Not crucial.


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I couldn't delete Portis's name and when I tried deleting one space at a time.. it stuck. After about five minutes of trying I just posted it anyway.

Covid has clearly affected my ability to edit.


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Seems to be an ios issue based on JKs post on Snickys thread

I find it intermittent on ipad but doesn't seem to happen all the time. I normally end up deleting the whole post to then re-quote to avoid it but not ideal agreed