R.I.P. Sean Lock


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Many years ago I was driving down south on a Sunday evening for a work meeting the following day. I stopped at Hilton Park Services & decided to browse through the CD's to keep me entertained. I picked out a Sean Lock live CD , as I had just heard of him & believed he was pretty good. I nearly crashed the car so many times due to me belly laughing on the drive down. I've been a big fan of his ever since. A modern day comedy great & I'm very sad to hear of his passing (even though it was common knowledge that this day was coming soon)
RIP Sean Lock


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Really sad news.

Absolute comedy genius. Saw him a few years ago at the Guildhall, brilliant.

His list of “mascots”, on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown, was legendary.

The Tiger who went for pint, and his Canal Aquarium, gave me stomach ache, I laughed so much.


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Was only watching some clips from catsdown yesterday with Sean.

Very sad news, very funny bloke.


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I was stunned when i read this about 15 minutes ago on BBC news..... Apparently he had been ill for a while ( with Cancer )

Like @Snicky has said, i hate all this sh*t news !!!

Adam .

This is gutting!

One of my favourite comedians, lucky enough to see him perform in Manchester before.

He was always great on the 8 out of 10 cats shows also.

Made a laugh a hell of a lot over the years.

RIP Sean


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Absolute genius. One of the only tv comics of my generation to make me tear up with laughter. The first celebrity death to ever make me take a second out of my day.


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Wow, what a shocking bit of news. So gutted, he was a good comedian, had such a wicked sense of humour that was like many an uncle or dad in the family.