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Reciprocal pricing for Leeds

We should have charged them £150 each and stuck to it due to what they've charged us in t pheast - it would have been great seeing no 'Dirty dog walking rope' fans in our ground.
Excellent - haven’t bothered with Leeds away for a while due to pricing - problem now will be whether we get enough tickets.
From the Football Ground Guide

What is it like for away fans?

Away fans are housed on one side of the John Charles Stand (towards the South Stand). The normal allocation is 1,566 seats in the upper tier and if required then a further 1104 seats can be provided in the lower tier, making the overall allocation 2,670. Entrance into the ground is via electronic turnstiles, where you need to insert your ticket into a barcode reader, to gain access.

The seating in the John Charles Stand is a mixture of old wooden and plastic seats. The leg room is sparse, plus there are a number of supporting pillars running along the front of the upper tier which could impede your view. So you may be better getting a ticket for the lower tier where your view is unobstructed. The facilities within the stand are okay, although parts do look a little dated. There is normally an excellent atmosphere generated within the stadium, with at times noise coming from every area of the ground. There is normally plenty of banter exchanged with the Leeds fans in the home end to the right of the away section. The stewarding is normally friendly and courteous.

Food on offer on the concourse includes; a range of Holland’s Pies; Peppered Steak, Chicken Balti, Potato and Meat and Cheese and Onion, as well as Burgers and Hot Dogs
Maybe PNE will only be giving Leeds 2600 tickets for the game on Boxing Day?
Not so much of a hit if the rest of the Kop is home fans
Haven't been to Leeds for over a decade, ever since they started with the obscenely expensive prices.

Will be attending this year with the more 'realistic' prices.
Well I'd told my last there was no chance we'd be going to Leeds because of their pricing. Now, it will be because we can't get a ticket!
The away end has moved over time. It used to be behind the goal (Nugent & Lewis goals in play offs). Then it moved to the corner (4-6 win Parkin hat trick), then since 15/16 it’s been in the old shit side stand where it is now.

I’ve been in 15/16, 16/17, 18/19 x2, and 19/20.

It’s a proper shit away end, inside and out.
This game should really sell out.
How are we doing with the scarf on every seat?

Sadly it won't be possible for this game but it is something we hope to do later in the season, maybe the home leg of the play offs 😜