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Got the basics right and allowed the game to flow. Wasn't any major decisions to make which perhaps helps people's opinions but always in control of the game and appeared to know what was going on. Well apart from towards the end when QPR had a corner and two players on iversen and he had a go at the captain for pushing even though he was on the front post.

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Decent performance from Darren England tonight I thought. Let the game flow. Streets ahead of other over officiating we have had in recent games.
Fair play to you for recognising this
it’s all too easy to comment on the rubbish ref and how he spoiled the game and not acknowledge when a ref is seen and not heard 😏😏😏


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I'm usually one to pan referees but thought Darren England had a good game tonight. Allowed the game to flow and hardly noticed him.
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Decent apart from needlessly stopping the game for a non-existent head injury.

Even though though he shouldn’t really be criticised for that.

Even though it was right in front of him.


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Best we have had in a good few weeks. Could have given penalties to either side but saw both shouts for what they were. I thought he let the game flow not once did I feel the need to shout at the telly at him.


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I’d like to praise myself by pointing out I said before the game that he was one of the best around 😄