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Referee Whitestone today

Just wrong, i have a mate born and bred in Preston who is a Stoke supporter (tee hee) - just why!!!
And he's influenced his young Preston/Leyland born Grandchildren to be similar, who have absolutely no affinity or knowledge of the Stoke areas, not that he has. I almost feel like contacting child line on there behalf!!
My son who now lives in Sheffield but brought up in North Yorkshire is a PNE fan through and through but he's never lived in Preston. I can't imagine why... ;)
But I presume you did, or someone close.
Said person now family, had NO links to Stoke, whatsoever.
Bizarre :)
Yes, I'm from Preston. A mate of mine is from Stoke and a Stoke fan, he's a great lad normally, but he's a right dick when it comes to football and Stoke, he thinks they're a big club who's rightful place is the Premier League, it's not a wind up either. 😂