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Remember Emlyn Hughes at Deepdale with Liverpool reserves. Someone shouted 'come on Emlyn, Ron Greenwood's here'. Think the first team were away at Sheffield Utd and when news filtered thru that we were 1-0 up the crowd cheered which caused Emlyn to look up in our direction.


Used to love going on the Old Central League fixtures with my old man, you got to see some quality players coming back from injury or who didn't make the first team. Only one sub in those days so the likes of Liverpool, United, City always had some class players as seen in some of the team sheets above.

Remember being on a midweek game as a young lad when news filtered through that the first team had drawn away at Tottenham in the cup, sadly we lost the replay 2-1 in front of over 27 thousand. Tottenham side had Martin Peter, Martin Chivers, Alan Mullary, Mike England and Pat Jennings to name a few. Happy days


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Sorry to revive this old thread but i remember at the time i would have shared these but couldn't work out how. I see you can upload files from a pc now so here goes and hope they are of interest.

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That team sheet from the Villa game emphasises what a cock The Doc was. He was manager then, yet with PNE struggling, Tunks, Burns, Bell, Elliott, McGee and Naughton weren't deemed good enough for the first team. Fortunately, he got the boot soon afterwards.


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I’ve never made it to a reserve game at Deepdale.

I watched the ‘stiffs’ at Hull, York and Scunny though in the early 90s.

I remember cheering as the lads ran out out Glanford Park and Mickey Norbury peering up at me as though I were a nutter.

Oh the irony.