Reserves fixtures?

no not really

There are sometimes 'bounce matches that dont really get announced- probs at least one during the International break.

There is also the LAncs Senior cup which is 'reserves' but we got knocked out this season.


Maybe slightly off topic but if you're looking for football to watch outside of North End's first team non-league is great. Moved up to Newcastle and watching Blyth Spartans and Gateshead has made up for missing my North End fix. Quality's a bit crap but the theatres there at any level. Blyth came back from 3-1 down with a shit referee at 90 mins to draw 3-3 the other week, no real connection with the club before a year ago but I went mental. Chorley are having a proper good season and there's Bamber Bridge and Lancaster in the area too. Proper football and your ticket money makes a real difference to keeping the club running, get yourself down.


Thanks. I’m into non-league football but live a long way from Preston though soon to be up there and can’t get to the home game that week so wondered if there was a reserve game 👍