RIP - Mr. Trevor Hemmings

Preston Lad

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Choked me up that. I thought I was made of sterner stuff 🤭

We get to see a side of big Trev that most of us never saw. Clearly loved his GeeGee's like mad. ❤️
Same here.

He just seemed a lovely, old guy.

Its obviously an extremely sad time but I can’t believe how gutted I feel.

I’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting him but it really does feel like someone I know has gone.


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Superb stuff, I've found out a lot more about him over the weekend and have come to realise that his was a life well worth honouring and celebrating. Hopefully a packed house and a great atmosphere. Sorry I can't be there.
Yeah, I feel the same Simo , the bloke clearly did loads of good stuff on the quiet and didn’t do it to receive any plaudits…

Top top human being…..

NG White

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Same here.

He just seemed a lovely, old guy.

Its obviously an extremely sad time but I can’t believe how gutted I feel.

I’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting him but it really does feel like someone I know has gone.

I'd echo this.

I've read some things about the bloke since Monday evening I never knew before. I had no idea he gave so much time and money to charity for example.

We've lost an absolute treasure, he'll get a fitting send off on Saturday. The way the club have handled this has been exemplary. It speaks volumes really of the obvious love and respect he had from within the club and within his family & close friends.

Preston Lad

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I heard the news the other day
Our great Boss had passed away
A man who saw us through the storm
And stayed with us when we lost form

Trevor Hemmings was his name
A quiet man, never courted fame
His football love was PNE
He made damn sure we were debt free

His idol was a man named Tom
Trev swore he was the number one
Now Tom and Trev will meet again
Discuss North End, both free from pain.

Now Trevor loved his horses too
Success it came with quite a few
Hedgehunter first, then Ballabriggs
But Many Clouds topped all the gigs

Aintree, Cheltenham, Ascot too
All welcomed Trev to their venue
No fuss for him, no special entry
But we all knew this man was Gentry

His flat cap was his trademark wear
A Northern Working Man so fair
He left this earth a wealthy man
Contented he`d done all he can

Today the world`s a poorer place
No more to see our Boss` face
The last word is so elementary
Trevor, Sir, you are just Gentry
Love it!!
Those last 2 stanzas.........🥺🥺


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I worked at Mr Hemmings House on a couple of occasions one time I went rang the door bell and Mrs Hemmings opened the door, I said "Oh hello Mrs Hemmings i didn't expect you to open the door" she replied without dropping a beat "Its the maids day orf". Mr Hemmings and his wife where lovely people and so down to earth.


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I was over in Preston yesterday with work and had half an hour spare before I had an appointment so I went to Deepdale to get my lad hit kit for his birthday next month.
Starting having a chat with the club shop staff whilst I was waiting for them to print his name and number on the back of the shirt and we got onto the subject of Trevor Hemmings.
It came as no shock to me that the staff at the shop spoke really highly of him. But it was lovely to hear that they told me he used to come in whenever he visited to buy some of the latest products for the children in the family and would only use his staff discount like every other member of staff. Also if there were any other children that happened to be in the store at the same time he'd tell them to go and pick themselves a shirt and he bought it for them every time. ❤️❤️

What a lovely lovely man. He will be missed 💙

norfolk white

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Another one from the Blackpool MB:
Seemed like a decent chap.

Looks to have had a good innings.

Shame he didn't get to witness the derby.
My thoughts too could have seen Mr Sadler & Mr Hemmings both sat together on the balcony enjoying what I am sure will be a cracking football match (sad as it is his passing could fire up both sets of players & fans ) let's hope for a cracking atmosphere ,and maybe lots of applause at the end of the game towards both sets players and fans ,would love to see fans shaking hands at the end ,no that really would be special😞.


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To be honest as someone fairly new to the area, I wasn't aware how much Trevor had done for the community. It seems, although I might be wrong, that his contributions were never made a big fuss about.
Which lead me to the next thought, there are people who do a lot for people and are recognised and pass away with that honour,
then there are people who do a lot for people and are unrecognised with the world only find out about the extent of their goodwill when they're gone.
I feel like the latter are more poignant, but maybe it's just a psychological thing.


Reading through so many excellent posts on here, you can’t fail to be moved how one man( backed by his family) can use hard earned wealth in such an unassuming but telling way. To do that without demanding the plaudits is the true measure of TH. Over at Blackpool we have possibly the makings of a similar owner.... but boy has Simon Sadler got his work cut out.
All the best for Saturday 👍

Ron Burgundy

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Some lovely stories of Uncle Trev coming out, seems we were truly blessed without knowing it and I think many if us wish we could have shown our appreciation more whilst he was with us.

A lot of wealthy people in the world could learn a thing or two from Mr Hemmings, the world would be a much better place if many took a leaf out of his book.

The story above about the club shop warms the heart, what a gent and deserves a proper send off on Saturday.


A great man and such a shame at his passing. I hope he left this world knowing how much he was appreciated.

It’s great to see the North End family reacting the way they have over his sad passing

Proud to be a white.