RIP - Mr. Trevor Hemmings

Sid Snot

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From the ones I spotted, I saw Grayson, Moyes, Ben Davies, Hugill, Welsh, Clarke, Lawro, Woods (who was in the directors box), the current lads. Couldn’t work out any of the others

Thanks James 👍.

Davies, Welsh, Lawro, Woods I didn't get.
What a brilliant send off for Mr PNE, nearly 5 decades at this famous old Club!
The man for me was Mr Preston, his support for PNE was immense and where would we be if this great man had not taken over??
He was criticised for various things, but to have and leave us debt free is definitely a huge credit to the Man!
The big screen video was so touching and made me feel what a huge loss he will be to this Club.
There will never be a man like Sir Trevor at this Club again, a great turn out by the fans today and this should be the attendance for the remainder of the season!
Surely we can turn out for this season, when he did it for nearly 50!!
Todays negative was the football, but the occasion was massive, so let us start again on Wednesday, try and win 3pts and climb up the table for the great man!
Our aim now is to get the team promoted, Sir Trevor deserves that, fill the stadium and give the Man a proper send off!!
RIP Sir Trevor, you will never be forgotten, what a Man!!

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It was a shame that the Derby support couldn't see the screen with this. I thought they were hugely respectful and the audio without the visual probably didn't make much sense.

Great tribute video though. I got quite emotional watching it.

With the music that was playing with it I had a serious lump in my throat.

The Derby fans were first class.