RIP Sandra Nugent


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I've just seen on Facebook that David's Mum, Sandra, has sadly passed away. Apparently 5 months ago she was given the sad news she only had a few weeks to live. But she fought for as long as possible.

Hope it's not insensitive to put this on here. I know a lot of fans will have spent time with her at home and away games. Deep condolences to David and his family. RIP Sandra.


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As Norky said Sandra has been battling illness for many months and sadly lost her battle this week.

Sandra and David Snr used to travel on the PSG coach to away games when David first signed for us and I can't say a bad word about her.

I have some great memories of those times.

I've occasionally spoke with her over the recent years and discussed my career and obviously how David Jnr was getting on.

There are others on the forum who can speak better than I and became very close friends with her over the years.

My thoughts are with David Snr, David Jr and the rest of the family at this very sad time.
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Awww such sad news. Only met them the once but came over as a loving mum and dad who were rightly so proud of their lad.

RIP Mrs N and arms around both David's at this time.


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What sad news, didn't know she had been ill.

Spoke to her & David Snr a couple of times after games, proper nice family.

Really sad. RIP.


Wasn’t Nuges mum that drove him everywhere and spurred him on not to give up when he couldn’t get a club? Puts football into context. Condo,excess to the whole family.

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