Rooney sent off again !!!!



Re: Rooney sent off again !!!!

jackopne said:
Nobody else on that pitch would of been sent off for that!
It was a pretty ridiculous sending off - another referee looking for a bit of fame me thinks....


Re: Rooney sent off again !!!!

Scholes deserved to go but Rooney's was something and nothing. However he could be suspended for 3 games. Who needs friendlies with refs like that.


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Re: Rooney sent off again !!!!

if rooney loses his aggression he wont be the same player. what bollocks he does need to try and become less physical and trying to chase games. i can sympathise with him and say that sometimes refs are probably looking to send him off. so he'll have to change to compensate this.

he may be world class but if he is not on the pitch he is only as good as me!!