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Scumbags Rock Up Again

They’re on Matalans car park in Brig again only a couple of weeks after being shifted from there.

They left it an absolute shit tip last time and will no doubt do the same again.

It’s about time the government clamped down on these cunts.

We get a ticket and a fine of about 60 quid for parking illegally for 5 minutes and these twats continually cause a nuisance with no consequences at all.
Again , the authorities are too soft in taking action and they won’t stand up to them….

Like you say, we go in a bus lane by mistake and it’s a £60 fine…..
If they kept their heads down a bit more ( like as of the above? ) more people would simply ignore them... But they will never, er- 'settle'...
'Travellers' , eh? Who'da thought ? 🤔
Maybe those 'quiet' ones above are on their way up to Appleby & actually are keeping their heads down.
I think Appleby's the last weekend in May (?) Not sure.
What's your solution Ando?
They need to take a harder line with them….

It feels like the police and traffic wardens are frightened of penalising them …

They seem to be able to pitch up anywhere and do whatever they like with no comeback from the authorities
Crush any illegal vehicles for starters.

Also, legislation is long overdue a change in favour of the owner, not these tramps.
Seize caravans, vehicles and their contents. To be auctioned off and the proceeds put towards council legal costs, police costs, bailiff costs, cleanup costs, reinstatement costs and compensating businesses plagued by scum.
Och well.
Any long term solutions so our great grandkids wont be going through the same?

Any replies mentioning camps and ovens will be ignored.
The Glasgow expression - ' There was a fire '

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I think my dad was the last bowling president there,
Probably wrong but his dad was a founder member. My uncle Jim used to run the club when it was based beneath the school.
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"Irish traveller, 26, reveals she was forced to have an arranged marriage at age 16 | Daily Mail Online"

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The feral scumbags have literally destroyed the gate posts to get onto the park in Longsands.
And yet its 'supposed' to be illegal to break into somewhere to encamp!!
Problem is nothing is ever enforced unless its something really serious because the authorities are scared stiff of any controversy, get them to move on somewhere else ASAP and then brush it under the carpet, is the attitude.
Just drove past the Andertons Arms, guess there's maybe a dozen parked up circling the edges of the park.