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CONFIRMED Season Ticket Prices Released 2022/23 (12k Sold)

Will you be playing your part and buying a 22/23 season card.

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Staff member
Just seen that the Lashers are doing an early bird on season tickets. Copying their superior neighbours as always.

They claim to have sold 7.5 K, bless. :love:


Staff member
They are yes, but…
To generate a similar income to us you would have to sell around 10k-11K discounted season tickets I would have at a guess have you done so yet? Genuine question by the way.
Over 11.5 K so far.

As to who get's the most revenue, it's us but only by 2-300K. That's not a lot of money in the top 2 tiers these days where ticket revenue is only a fraction of that from TV rights.


Advisor to the Owner
I think more clubs will follow suit with discounted tickets. No brainer IMO. Bigger income on concessions (think of all those peas) match day and better match day experience, which will have a knock on effect in attracting more fans-especially if we can win a few games.
Long term-if part of an overall strategy- it can only add value.