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CONFIRMED Season Ticket Prices Released 2022/23 (12k Sold)

Will you be playing your part and buying a 22/23 season card.

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sports rehab

Advisor to the Owner
Like I say, I'm in a bad mood today so maybe my expectations are too much. I'd genuinely like to think our players had some sort of passing interest in what was going on at their club though.
not a problem....

better venting on here than in person......

but to be honest when I'm away from work I dont want to know anything about whats going on there.......


Forum Patron
Son met Brad Potts t’other day. They chatted for ten minutes whilst walking their dogs. Potts couldn’t have been happier to chat.

Like I said ‘99%’ is not true. There are ‘some’ who think fans are knobs.

sports rehab

Advisor to the Owner
Super Tommy Clarke gives a shit.

Returning to Preston on the special train from MK Dons I found myself stood beside Tom, I just said pity about your disallowed goal and he excitedly talked me through it for the next 10 minutes, the guy had just had a very long day , a long train journey and was still prepared to give a bit of time to the nosey old fart.

I guess that a lot are what BPIG says, but there are the exceptions.
I know who you are now....... that description is a give unique away...... :ROFLMAO:

Doc Brown

Advisor to the Owner
I've just read Ched Evans' interview on the club website and I don't know why (although I am in a terrible mood) it has really pissed me off. He was told that we had sold 11,500 season tickets and in response said he had no idea that was the case but was impressed. How the bloody hell has he no idea? Honestly, literally just a job to some of them.
Why does it matter?


Advisor to the Owner
My Season Card came in the post today.

It says in the letter:

'any new season card holders who bought during the early bird period will become Gold Ambassadors'.

What is a Gold Ambassador?


Head Honcho
Staff member
Anyone know when the club plan to announce which games the kop will open to home fans?

I would expect this to be confirmed shortly.

As with any new season meetings need to be held with all various saftey and security bodies.

I would expect the first 4 home games (up until Burnley) for it to be open a number that was mentioned to me was around 15 games.

It's easier to work out which games it won't be split rather than which it will.

I expect it to be split v the lashers but don't expect that one to be confirmed until nearer the time.


Forum Patron
Not sure this is the correct thread for this, but looks like as it stands, PNE haven't taken up the £20 ticket offer from Reading, Cardiff, Huddersfield & Blackburn the only clubs to agree to it so far

I guess there's no rush as we don't play them until November/April.

This is probably One For PSC To Take Up With The Club™.