Simon Grayson leaves the cod army

Adam .

Surely that’s it for his career.

Decent manager in his day, which we’ve thankfully benefited from, but he ain’t done a decent job since leaving us.

The Oldham job is available.

That's a club in turmoil and rather likely heading out of the EFL. Whoever goes in there is on a hiding to nothing. That said Grayson is now doing nothing given he's got the sack so ........ 🤷‍♂️


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It's strong evidence that most appointments simply don't work out and the ones that do are trumpeted largely by confirmation bias... there I told you he was a great manager (hindsight).


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Agreed. He was brilliant with my Dad and other North End fans, but also as a manager and helped bring back the feel good feeling to the club (only for others to subsequently ruin it!).
The first 2 seasons under Neil was miles better than watching Grayson's side to be fair, genuinely fancied us away from home against anyone.

If anyone ruined it then I'm looking beyond the managers.


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Never figured out why he couldn't see that the Sunderland job was always going to be a Poisoned Chalice.
Never knew why he was sacked by Shitpool.......

What pthnorthender wrote ..... Yes he needs a coupla years out of the game, for mind & body healing.

Fleetwood FC are a mess, their Chairman's even dodgier than ours and the Law are catching up with him, so I've been told by one of the Cod Army.....