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CONFIRMED Sir Bradley Potts - Signs new contract.

Well done Pottsy, great news and could not be more deserved!
From getting all the stick to an extended contract, brilliant!
One of the most difficult positions to play and one that was so unfamiliar to him, he stuck at it, never heard a moan, always gives 100% and never lets the team down.
RL stated he was playing with WB’s, but he never got one for the right side, how many were tried??
Brad has made it his own, having to put up with a lot of stick from some supporters, he plays to the best of his ability!
He isn’t a dribbler and he isn’t a full back, but he has adapted and full marks to him!!
Richly deserved Pottsy.
Proactive contract management
Happy The Rock GIF
Just watched his interview on pne online.
Comes across as a really humble and top bloke. Also quite tentative which made me think how he must of been feeling in the dark days a couple of seasons ago. Absolutely unbelievable effort and self belief to do what he's done since then. Hats off and fast becoming one of our most influential players.👏👏
Excellent news and well deserved, he has always given his all but currently has moved up a gear.
Sometimes Players reach a peak in their development naturally, aided a little by coaching and confidence, of course but generally Players get there by their own means, as he has.
He is one of those who got/gets criticism even though you could see that they where giving there all, its nice to see him being largely recognised as a fundamentally important player.
The difference between Potts now and how he was a couple of seasons ago is almost entirely psychological. Then when something frustrated him his response would be a despairing slump now it is fury. Look at his reaction after Holmes fails to pass to him after he has run into the perfect position to receive a through ball after five minutes on Saturday - he is close to livid.
Its not just psychological, although partly, he has moved into the stage of his career where he is at his peak, in respect of maturity, confidence, reading the game and physicality, allied to the talent that any pro Footballer has.
He is now moving into the senior Player level and with that showing that he has evolved or evolving to be able to take on that extra responsibility.
(I thought) He always gave his all, but now he has added extra layers, as said before he has the confidence now to be a top Player, certainly @ Championship level.
I can't really remember a turnaround like Potts' at PNE. For a player to be here a few years and then become such an important player. The stats don't lie, the completed dribbles and stuff he literally tops the charts are the kind of things that get you noticed and what a lot of other clubs look at.