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Sir Tom Finney - Surfer Flag - Donate today!

Chucked a tenner in. Not much, but will help a bit I guess.

Would love to see if happen (y)
It's a significant contribution Adam, well done. There are 193 members currently online if everyone had put a tenner in that's £1930. People have different financial constraints so anything anyone can spare is generous and helps to bring a great idea into fruition(y)
Well done indeed to those who’ve donated, bravo.

Just can’t believe the club are having the fans pay for a flag to celebrate one of its best ever players 100th birthday.

Probably find 4 grand down back of one of Trevs old sofas.
I'd be surprised given the change in attitude at the club recently that if we were struggling to make the 4 grand target that they didn't make up the money.
Think this gives the fans a way of feeling they are doing something.
Can we make it to £2000 by tomorrow morning?

Thank you for all your donations so far, we are really chuffed with your support for Sir Tom.

Chucked a tenner in. (y)

So did I - it would have needed a couple of hundred of us to do so to reach the target.

But it seems we have now exceeded it so the question is what do we do with the surplus - is there a charity particularly associated with Sir Tom?