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Some Bas***d has nicked Baby Jesus

I know of not one person of another religion who wold be offended by the crib in Preston. Could you be more specific?

Don’t have specific names sorry. Have quite a good experience from certain religions over the past few years though and listened to opinions on certain aspects of Christian celebrations.
Loved looking at it as a child and it’s part and parcel of Christmas in the city centre.

Sadly this happening is where we’re at in this country.

Some scruffy little c***s will think it’s funny though.
Looks like a sausage roll won't be required.

I know of not one person of another religion who wold be offended by the crib in Preston. Could you be more spec
Could be directed at me or am over sensitive to religion both poss
Fwiw am as self described jewess born v luckily in Preston from parents who luckily got out on kindirsporte and ended up in Preston. We surely did the crib too Om
It’s so sad, I used to love going to the market as a small child looking at the nativity scene as did my kids. I don’t think it’s one bit funny.

I totally agree. I am someone who is religious and I do also see jokes about religion can be funny but not this.

I’ve also never come across anyone offended by images of Christmas.
Apologies in advance if I cause offence but this is one of those stories where you know you shouldn't, but you can't help laughing! :)

Yes it was a scummy thing to do, probably a group of lads and lasses out on the lash, but...

I imagined a young lad waking up with a hangover and seeing a porcelain baby on his bedroom floor, his first reaction being WTF! 😂
Looks like you were right and the person brought it back.
A lot of anger over a little prank.

So long as nobody is getting violent then I think people are entitled to feel angry. The tradition of Preston's nativity scene, and/or the importance of Jesus and Christmas, matter to some people.
Plus I think some people have become hypersensitive in an era where they deem traditional British culture and/or Christian culture to be under attack.
That's my take on it, I could be wrong.
I think upset rather than anger would be more accurate - and when it’s something that’s important to you that is perfectly justifiable.
You replied to me with an angry face when I was looking at the funny side of it. ;)
Because it’s not funny!
It was to me, and that’s the point really. This is what was discussed on an other thread. If you don’t find it funny then fine, roll your eyes and move on but there’s no need to be angry at someone because you don’t share their sense of humour.
A choir was singing outside the market the other day.

They were singing this carol from Home Alone, which I always think is a bit spine tingling.