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Jack Daniels

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I have that shirt (Wembley 94) plus I also have a rare version of that shirt that was merged into the Home Kit.

Not For Sale before anyone asks.

Sid Snot

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Me too! I've had to bin it recently (I took the badge off, though) it had too many beer stains on it.


Don't try your party tricks with us 😂


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Great news that The Terrace are working with the club to re-create the old classics..

It would be great if the Pontins one made an appearance…


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This is the kind of thing we’ve been crying out for. However it’s a bit random isn’t it? Why are they bringing it out now?

This will sell better than both of our current away shirts lol.


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Normally a medium in everything but the north end tops have fit a little tight when I’ve ordered medium


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This was the shirt i got for my son for his first game in 1994/5, on the old town end vs Lincoln City i think, he's no longer with us so this advert hit me right in the feels. Pre-order in and i will wear it in his memory.
Really sad to hear that.

Might be nice though, seeing loads of Nobbers in that shirt, they might not realise it but to you it can be a tribute to your boy.