Squeaky bum time - or Alex Neil’s Waterloo


Lose to Blackburn on Friday night, and conceivable results on Saturday which include Birmingham, Derby and Huddersfield winning at home, and we are looking at being only 5 points above relegation , with a 6 game form streak that is the envy of nobody. If Hemmings and Ridsdale ever needed a wake up call this weekend this will be it. Then we’ve got a tricky home tie to Watford, and an away game to a rejuvenated Cardiff .......ummmm


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I'm feeling more concerned about this game than any other at Ewood when I've always been very confident we wouldn't lose.

I think the lads seeing 7000 away fans gives them a huge boost and obviously our boycott this season due to not selling the bottom tier first again may have an impact.

Neil has spoken about his proud record in derbies and I hope he uses the shambolic home match to get his point across, although quite a few of our players where not involved then.

As I've said elsewhere I think this game could define Alex Neil in how we move forward as another shambles and its curtains as far as I'm concerned.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that and we can restore some pride and push on.