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Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

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I still hope he joins us as I want us to actually stay in the division and I think he might just help us do that.

But tbf, I know exactly where you're coming from.

Last season, when we were utterly shite at Deepdale, I fucking loved the boo'ing and the toxicity. It was quality. Never known anything like that Norwich game. The shouts I heard from the terraces were immense. We were 4-0 down and I was laughing my head off.

It's like a weird kink 🤣

When we went 3 down the fella behind me said “ support the team or fuck off”

When the 4th went in he said “ fuck this i’m going “

Storey and Lindsay are crap. I don’t think Storey has a stand out attribute.

Don't understand the stick Storey gets.

Stand-out attribute? Most interceptions in the Championship last season.

Coming into his prime years, scored a couple of goals (Lindsay got none) and rarely injured - the only player other than Freddie to start more than 40 games (43).

Yes, he has his faults, but he's massively under-rated IMHO.
The weather’s shit, send these timewasters back to school early. Bad enough the other day
Season 17 Episode 22 GIF by The Simpsons
Brady’s injury is quite a bad one, allegedly.

Quite important we get one over the line quickly.
I’m not sure why the club treat injury news with such a cloak and dagger attitude….even with a fully fit squad we are not going to put the willies up anyone.
Brady’s injury is quite a bad one, allegedly.

Quite important we get one over the line quickly.
Brady for me hasn't got the legs, skill and injury record to be considered one of our LWB options, he would be better suited in the middle. I realise this has been done before with little success but I still see him there at this stage of his career.
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