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Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

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I love Bambo, but I wouldn't choose him as my hill to die on.

A back two of Lindsay and Storey gives me nightmares.

Again, based on nothing though. There is no reason why a back four doesn't work, particularly with perhaps the biggest, fastest,strongest centre half on the team sheet. Obviously we need an RB but they are 10 a penny
Good managers look at the players they have and get the best out of them by playing a certain way. Poor ones shoe horn player's into a system wether it suits them or not.
And oh boy we have the King of the Shoe Horns
Just the type of signing we would make...if we were an ambitious club with a savvy transfer strategy

Meanwhile we will work with Woodburn and Range Rover driving Ravel Morrison look a like.
wonder if we put out an enquiry? my guess is we put out feelers and then players and agents decide. the plastics offer will have been more attractive. lots of players out there but we're not high up in the pecking order for choice. and yes.... it seems some margin below rovers.
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