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Summer 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

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Apologies of it’s been posted already but CBA reading back thru everything, who was the third potential signing that was rumoured that was going to be a huge sign of intent according to some posters on here?
Oh fuck off you ender - if there was any single moment you could justifiably sit back with a pint or brew and quietly appreciate a job well done, tonight was it.. instead, you’re on the wind up yet again. What is the point in your posts?

To get a reaction like yours so that he has somebody to go back and forth with for a few hours.

When half the forum had him on ignore he had to create an alter ego to get some engagement.
Awkward, especially with it being Sun'lun v Saints tomorrow. 👀

He'll be leaving either cut price in Jan or on a Free next summer.

A shame that he seems to be made of glass, quality scorer when fit.

We'll sign him for a knockdown fee in January when we're 15 points clear of 3rd.

Fucking right I'm giddy.
Not open for further replies.