Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

Though note that the value of players isn’t included in the accounts, but rather their transfer fee split over the years of their contract. This means the registration for a player bought for £750k with 3yr contract appears in the accounts as being worth £750k on registration, £500k after a year, £250k after two years, and zero after three, regardless of whether they have improved or not (so Ben Pearson, for example, will be worth nothing in our accounts now).
Players are included at cost (purchase price) and accumulated amortisation is what drives their carrying value down in the accounts, which is the annual write off as you describe.

However the signing of a new contract, I believe, acts as an addition, so Ben’s carrying value won’t be £0 if my accounting understand serves me correctly.

Whilst on topic - profit on player sales is based on proceeds received less carrying value (not on original cost), just like you would calculate for any other “asset”


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I’m not sure £70m is so outrageous if the valuation was at the start of last season... remember we had ~30 players so that’s only an average value of £2.3m. If Ben P and Ben D were both worth £15m with 2 yrs left on their contract, plus Callum R was worth £10m with 1 year left, that only leaves an average value of c.£1.25m per player.

If you count Browne and DJ at £5m, Rudd, Fisher, Barkhuizen and Bauer at £2.5m you’re down to an average value of <£500k for the rest...
IMO there's not a chance that our squad is or was worth £70 million.


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Actually they've changed the wording slightly now... Not saying its us but linking us with him.
Also sounds like a ridiculously bid if it was low six figures, unless they mean low seven figures. Though tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if we had put in a bid for £150k, would be just like us...
The South London Press report that the Addicks have knocked back a bid - which Lancs Live understands to be a low six figure offer

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You really haven't got a clue have you ? A post from someone and you automatically assume they are a Rangers fan ...... foolish at best.
1) Said Rangers fan on their forum has a ST at Deepdale.

2) This forum was mentioned quite a bit.

3) Very anti Hemmings (y)

4) Tugg more or less uttered the same phrases. If it isn't Tugg, then it is certainly someone else on here.

5) I was asking if he was a Rangers fan. Personally, both accounts are wrong on DJ not being good enough for the SPL. He'd walk it.