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Looked slightly outside the box I thought but definitely a foul.
It’s a deceiving one - first glance it appears that way. The Barnsley player is moving into the box, he then dives towards the ball to head it. At the point the City player makes contact with him, he’s just on the inside of the box - the force of the challenge then drops him back on the outside of it.

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Can they add them still? Thought the squads had to be submitted around the weekend (someone mentioned Tuesday elsewhere so that might be the case)
Good question.

If you only submit 24 players and then a Free Agent appears, can you add him outside of the October 20th deadline? I believe that 20/10 is the deadline, certainly is for Prem teams as I read on the BBC.

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Mr. M

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This shit bugs me. The lad is fucking 18.of course he will make mistakes. The champ is a big league, plenty of talent. There isn't many 18 year olds playing in this league. He's still a little boy.
It's a typical melodramatic plastic looking for a scapegoat and picking on the new kid on the block..... Bit of a twit plastic. Wouldn't expect else much from them though ;)


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Most saying he has been really poor the last 2 games and doesnt deserve a start next time up.

I think Blackburn fans have realised that there wins against winless Wycombe and 1 win Derby were more indicative of their opposition than Blackburn
They’re guilty of believing their own hype. They’ve built him up as some sort of wonder kid who’s going to fire them to the prem, and they’ve forgotten what he actually is, which is a very talented youngster who is only on his first taste of pro football