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Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion


Analytical annoyance
It is worrying to fail to get your targets AFTER you’ve dumped the squad fillers. If we fail to sign decent players we are going to have a tiny squad with shit cover from the youth team, rather than a small squad with some bits of top end quality.


Advisor to the Owner
Charlie Cresswell, mentioned on here before as a CB loanee, Preston born and son of Richard is off to Millwall according to O'Rourke.

Would be a decent signing that and one I hoped we'd have been looking at but apparently not.

Millwall gone from doing nothing and fans flapping to doing some very tidy business.
Isn't he from Cottam remember @MBcha Saying he was I think
If true a typical Pne situation to now be in.We really have only 1 striker on our books so somewhere along the line a rabbit is going to have to be pulled from a hat.Has anything really changed at Pne we will know come the end of July.
Riis, Maguire, Evans, O'Neil. It may not be the best, but we certainly have more than 1 striker on the books.


Payer of the taxman
Gray would’ve made a difference next season imo. Certainly a better option than Maguire and Evans. I’m not sure £16k a week for 3 year’s would be a great deal for us though. I’d be concerned about his potential drop off in years 2 and 3.