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Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion


First Team
I know but I don’t know if the 25 had to have 3 keepers (I.E. it’s 22 + up to 3 keepers)
No it doesn’t. I don’t expect us to fill the 25 man squad this season never mind have players not even in the squad like last season. That’s as long as we can get shut of Olosunde and Harrop as I doubt they will be included if they don’t find a club.


Just seen on Twitter that Huddersfield are looking to sign Josh Murphy - Think it said he's a free agent now after leaving Cardiff at the end of the season.
Don't know anything about league 1 or 2 but just having a nosey at last seasons stats whilst bored in work and a guy called Anthony scully at Lincoln has a decent record and young as well...anyone know anything about him?


Analytical annoyance
We may well get a look at this lad we have on trial on Saturday - that could be interesting.
Seems fairly likely, no? We only have 15 first team players available, so trialists and youth teamers are going to make up the numbers. There’s only 8 youngsters and 2 haven’t been training with the first team says @sports rehab , so I’d guess that leaves us with 22 - a different starting 11 for each half?


OK, here's one:

We currently only have Riis, Maguire and Evans as options up front. Someone offers us £15million for Riis. Do we take it?
10000% aslong as you could replace him with 2 x £4m strikers.. youd get one right.

He isn’t worth a third of that though/ I still can’t make my mind up if he’s quality or a donkey.


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AKA the "Polish Messi". Reported to be one of the most skillful players in the world. That's 2 big claims for an 18 year old.👀👀
Kaide Gordon might be another to enquire about, give him regular game time that he won't get at Liverpool. On the fringes of their first team has to be around our standard.