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Sunday League Footy

Sid Snot

Manager - East Cheam FC
The game was played in the right spirit, competitive but reasonably good natured.

We're playing on 3G though so don't expect too many massive challenges flying in from either side anyway.

Good to read. From bitter experiences, I've never liked these back-to-back fixtures.


Forum Patron
We were humbled with an 8-4 defeat.

A classic case of not taking our chances.

We move on to the preliminary round of the Challenge Cup cup on Sunday and then the league proper starts with a midweek game at home on Moor Park.

I sympathize pal :(


Advisor to the Owner
Just wondering if any other old farts on here that used to play park footy remember Calvin Heaps ? He was a proper character and manager of Unicorn Utd who I played for for a few years Late 70s, early 80s.