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Matchday Thread Swansea City v PNE - 19/04/23 - KO:19:45 - Championship

Loving reading the emotional reaction from some on here tonight.

We had 0 chance of the play offs.

And if we got into the play offs we would have been destroyed by Middlesbrough anyway. Why people thought otherwise who knows. This is PNE we are talking about.

The issue has always been upstairs. People are turning on Lowe tonight again (fickle) when forgetting the real issues.
R I D S D A L E - O U T

Never forget .

Genuinely no idea.

Joe Allen is a trampy scrote though so who knows what he said to wind Lowe up into scouse action.

I was surprised that Alvaro wasn't given a Straight Red, lad got well stuck into the fracas. 💪
Who cares. If he’s chinned that Welsh toerag its well deserved in my eyes. Glad to see the young Spanish kid not being bullied either and getting stuck in.

Sort of fracas you wish you had big Sean Gregan still on pitch
The players need to take some responsibility tonight as well. Potts set up their move for their first, Brady gave them their fourth, shocking defending for the third. I agree his selection was wrong, but he did adapt and we nearly got away with it. Hopefully he keeps learning and we can kick on for these three games and into next season.
That would be good but a leopard can't normally change his spots!
Considering how he normally reacts very emotionally, I think not speaking to the press tonight is the right call. How could that possibly go anything but badly? He'll be (rightly) fuming at the officials, upset at the defeat, and his head is probably all over the place. Take stock, reflect, then start preparing for Saturday.
On the other hand, they just turned in a shitshow of a first half that has probably sunk any faint play-off hopes (and has definitely sunk us to 11th in the table), followed by a mass brawl that ended in a red card - all of which is the sort of newsworthy stuff a manager should be explaining to the media and the fans after the game, rather than just skulking off to catch a plane back home.
Cant lie though, this is the most entertaining end to a season in a long while you can either get frustrated or laugh it off and also playoffs is just a dream of having a sniff of glory, we all know Luton and Boro will meet in the final.
Smartest decision he made all day to be honest. Absolutely don't talk your way into more trouble before you know what's being reported.
I personally don't think it would make any difference at what ever stage he decided to open his mouth.
You never know though, when he's fully calmed down, he might be able to summon up some excuse into his team selection, the amount of time it took him to fathom out Swansea's surprise set up an the general shitshow we had to endure, particularly in the first half