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Matchday Thread Swansea City v PNE - 19/04/23 - KO:19:45 - Championship

Back home. It's going to take me a bit of time to unwind. Where do I start? First every single player gave everything. They were really fired up, even in the warm up routines. Swansea played what appeared to be a 4 2 1 1 2. I didn't expect Joe Allen to start and he and Grimes sat back and controlled the game. Tactically, it allowed the Swansea C Hs to drop deep and negate Delap and Cannon's pace. Latibeaudiere was switched from R.B to L.B. A good move as I predicted Alvaro's pace would destroy him. I didn't expect Manning to play up front, and I don't think Preston did. My only criticism of Preston tonight was that they came with a game plan to press Swansea without spending a few minutes working out how Swansea were set up. Sadly it went pear shaped in the first two minutes. Full credit to Preston for the early substitutions, change of shape and fight back in the second half. Bambo looked comfortable with Piroe and had to be the quickest player on the pitch. I think he should be starting but I really don't want to criticise anyone.

Two excellent posts Mr S. In broad brush terms, I agree very much. We showed real attacking intent throughout - but were outthought in the first half (though we played pretty well when we had the ball). Second half, we really went gung ho - and were robbed by at least one terrible refereeing decision. not to red-card their defender for bring down Cannon.

There's a fine line between being "fully up for it" and being a bit reckless. We seemed to be somewhere on that line throughout, and it didn't quite pay off. Ultimately, when we should have been rampaging for an equaliser in the last few minutes, Ryan lost his head and the embarrassing fracas killed our momentum. Not professional and extremely frustrating. BUT, as I say, it's a fine line. If Ryan hadn't been so pumped up, maybe the team would also never have had the energy that they showed. I reckon we rolled the dice, and it didn't work.

Rovers at home is about the best possible fixture to be moving onto now. It might still go pear-shaped, but there's got to be a chance that the occasion lifts the players. And if we win, then a target of 6 points from two games will look more like Pendle than Ben Nevis! Let's hope we get no further suspensions. Maybe your post about the fracas will be used against us!
Can't tell much from this...

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BBC says -
Lowe's shove on Allen - who had already been substituted - appeared to be the spark for a brawl which involved players and staff from both clubs and is bound to lead to further sanctions. Swansea were unhappy that play was not stopped when Jay Fulton went down with what looked like a head injury, with Allen protesting on the side of the pitch and then reacting to Lowe.
One of my ex pupils on that shot and he shouldn't be on the pitch. By the way, It wasn't a head injury.
Don't know if it was captured on Sky, when Woodman made that terrific save in the first half the Swansea fans started chanting 'Freddie'
Secondly, when Brady came on the Swansea fans were chanting 'Blacburn'
Didn't see the game but can't say I'm surprised with the result TBH.

Beat Rovers on Saturday & that will do me for the rest of the season.

Not really bothered if we get into the Play Off's or not cos we'll get taken apart by any of the teams that will make it & don't want to put myself through that again.
Morning after.

Watched on iFollow as live in Amsterdam.

Treated myself to a beer, not the usual cuppa, so slightly less objective than usual.

Swansea's first was atrocious.

Thought Potts misplaced a pass but some saying he was fouled; jury's out. Whatever happened, the defending was shocking.

Why Lindsay wasn't replace with Bambo after Millwall is on Lowe.

The second was another knife through butter.

I said vs. Millwall it just looked like they wanted it more (fought for ever second ball, out their bodies on the line over and over etc).

Vs Swans I think we were just outplayed by a better standard of player with a better game plan.

That's partly on the players, partly on Lowe (see above), partly on the owners.

The third I don't remember (and don't want to TBH).

Saw the start of the brawl but the camera panned down late. Embarrassing.

On Lowe? An investigation will probably land PNE and Swansea with large fines.

Brady's suicide pass reeks of someone who CBA. He should be thanked and released; one of Peter's 3 out of 5.

Ultimately we've over achieved on a minimal budget and the only people paying the price are the fans, again.

It's the hope that kills you!
Didn't see the game but can't say I'm surprised with the result TBH.

Beat Rovers on Saturday & that will do me for the rest of the season.

Not really bothered if we get into the Play Off's or not cos we'll get taken apart by any of the teams that will make it & don't want to put myself through that again.
If we got into 6th it would be some achievement that. But prob play Boro who are on fire at home and favourite to go up Luton decent as well let's just beat Rovers to dent there hopes on Saturday as they play Dingles after us then see.
Just had a look back at the first goal which in the context of the match was absolutely crucial.
In my opinion it was a clear foul on Potts which lead to him misplacing his pass which resulted in the goal.
Cannon was also pulled back by his shoulder (before the follow up clean tackle) which was a clear sending off offence.
Massive moments that went against us that we can do nothing about unlike selecting Ledson and Whiteman together.

We had a chance of reaching the play offs so it was time to forget the problems and get behind the team.

You sound like the bloke sat behind me on the Town End who doesn’t have a positive thought in his head.
Spot on.

This side normally wouldn’t be good enough but I firmly believe that this is as poor a league as I’ve seen since we went up - others may say it’s competitive but my argument is that the current squad has no one that is sought after by others.

That aside, how can people on here give up on things after a couple of adverse results when we need everyone pulling together.

2 points off the play offs with 3 games to go is not the time to give up