The Championship Playoffs Thread.


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Well it is looking like the prospect of a nice day out to Kew next season to visit Brentford's smart new ground is now dubious. Swansea are going to have to do to Brentford what we did to them in the second half at their place. Not impossible - let's see.


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The Brentford player just took a ball in the face and goes down but only after checking where the deflected shot ended up.
You can put your mortgage on wild celebrations all round if the ball had ended up in the back of the Swansea net.

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Fulton is a bellend.

He’s made bad challenges in all 3 play off games and was always in the refs face.

Sky saying he slipped and you have to feel for him.....Fuck off🙄

He blatantly stamps on his Achilles and his legs go from under him.

Guaranteed red card


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He slipped imo

Much like Tom Barkhuizen when he was was Sent Off v Stoke.
He slipped afterwards but the initial challenge is what’s probably got his sent off. You can’t drag your studs down an oppositions leg and not expect the ref to make a decision

The slip has probably helped the ref make up his mind though