The Championship Playoffs Thread.

Mr Meeseeks

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Clearly steps on Jensens Achilles before his standing leg slips out from under him
I’ve slowed that right down and you can clearly see he catches the ankle whilst at full speed and loses his footing as a result of catching the player.

If he hadn’t slipped and brought his feet off the ground we wouldn’t even be looking at a booking.

He’s very, very unfortunate.


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Surely that’s another penalty on Pinnock by Guehi. Guehi makes no attempt to get the ball, just to knock Pinnock off balance

Preston Lad

It wasn’t intentional but still a red card.
He clearly means to do it.

His right foot goes right across his body to catch him.

If it was unintentional, his left foot would catch him as he’s running.


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Brentford sold Watkins and Benrahma last summer and still got better as a team.

Compare that to how we have managed our player sales and replacements, and it’s a big reason why we’re 13th and Brentford are heading for the Prem.

It’s been a matter of time for a while now for Brentford because they have a solid recruitment plan and solid player development plan. Meanwhile, PNE are waiting for one lucky season trying to do a Blackpool.