The Labour Party are cockwombles .....


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Strongbow;n3426799 said:
Or perhaps something to do with a brutal, corrupt government that turned what should be central America's richest country into a hell hole for its citizens, plundering the wealth for themselves whilst its people scavenge on waste dumps and prepared to stab each other for the privilege.

How anyone can applaud this is beyond belief …………..yet some do :rolleyes:
yep, you read the MSM.

Its a whole lot deeper than what they paint, and if you look back at the Chavez regime and its relationship with cuba youll soon see how the US imperialists werent overstruck on what they were seeing.

Oh and for someone who claims to be a rabid Brexiter take some clues from those who are desperate to see regime change.

The irony, right now, of Macron condemning the Venezuelan govts treatment of protesters is certainly not lost on me.

Just a warning, you wont see this on the BBC, BTW

You wont see this one either

Nothng is ever quite what it seems, Strongy, Iraq,Syria, Libya should give you clues if nothing else does.
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