The Labour Party are cockwombles .....


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What's up with you, without characters like Nobber, Raefil ect although i don't agree with Raefil a lot of the time this forum wouldn't last we need all differing views ,banter , arguments, its what makes this forum great .

As Nobber would say Bollocks.
What are you on about, he was asking how Christ's ass tastes from my understanding. I think you might've misread the post. Think before you post... FFS man


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Hypocrisy is key factor of this forum, and when people try to state an opinion that others do not like they are beat down! Bullies and hypocrites can’t ever admit to this. You can say whatever you want to me I’m a strong enough person to take it. Clearly some people can’t and that’s the reason problems exist. Vote who you want and say whatever you feel that will make you feel better that’s good. But whether people vote Labour, Tory or green it will never be acceptable to others it doesn’t mean they don’t have values!
I really don't think you've grasped what hypocrisy actually means. This ^^^^ is just a word salad.


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I wasn't stressing Jake...... It was a throw away comment to be honest because they were hardly likely to post again.... As a matter of interest, ( and I'm assuming that you lads caught on and barred him/her) how does one register without being vetted? Surely it's harder to track them down after they've joined rather than stopping them in the first place. And please bear in mind that I'm a dinosaur where technology is concerned. :)
Yeah that’s why happens. All new accounts flag up an address and JackDaniels gets the local postman to knock doors so we can check them out. anyone answering doors in onesies are banned outright but the rest it becomes a selection process

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My - what a strange turn this thread has taken!
You can say that again

But sadly it's been like that for some time; any views expressed against what others think, are greeted with abuse rather than reasoned argument
Have a coffee SEPP and chill out, it’s not worth the rise in blood pressure