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The Labour Party are cockwombles .....

Took My Heart

Forum Patron
Not under Starmers leadership, he's done nothing but punch down and left. Labour don't get to rely on my vote, they have to earn it.
That's how I feel. I really don't want a Conservative government any longer, but I couldn't with any conscious tick a box for a party whose values are so very different to mine.

I thought Labour got a hard time 'not being trusted on the economy' based on the global financial crash, but I now find myself in a similar position where whatever they announce at conference I simply won't trust them on it.

I expect the words 'business', 'patriotism' and 'hard working families' to be said a lot but the actual substance will be lacking


Dolly Patron
The party of democratic socialists 🙄


They cant sing both.