The last battle on English soil


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And the first KFC in the UK 👍.

Some of the original stock is still available - see thread on food expiry dates for advice.
To be fair, after the rum & coke thread, the whisky thread and the new pubs for preston thread, a slightly stale zinger tower burger sounds delish. 🍔


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The 1648 battle of Preston was probably one of the defining moments in the nations history. And yes it took place in around the capitol centre And surrounding fields. So little is made of it. There is a plaque in Pinocchios Italian that basically says Oliver Cromwell was here, and that’s about it.

I used to get mocked at UnI for saying this, but I seriously think if Preston wanted to it could actually turn itself in to an interesting tourist destination.

1648 battle of Preston. Defining moment in English history
1715 Preston Battle. Last ever battle on English soil.
Walton le Dale is the birthplace of Samuel Ryder of Ryder Cup fame.
round the corner is the place of Joseph Livesey , temperance society founder.
Richard Arkwright , of Spinning Jenny fame and the birth of the Industrial Revolution that changed the world
Then there is some football team that won the first ever organised league in the worlds most popular sport. And the ground where professional football has been continuously played longer than anywhere in the world. And the birthplace of the greatest of all players.

You could easily build museums / attractions for all of these. That’s what they do in places like Scotland and Yorkshire , make the most of what very often is just an insignificant piece of history to get the tourists in. We have some real stuff there.

plus we have a great park, a lovely central flag market , and of course the Harris Museum. There are even bits inside County Hall that are quite splendid.

and now of course there is the Wallace and Gromit statue Coming.

im sure I’ve missed some things off. But maybe these people building hotels in Preston have a plan 😉
Great post although sadly all that would get conveniently ignored by the morons on Facebook who like to poo-poo anything remotely positive about Preston at any given opportunity.

There is a lot of a potential in Preston that has yet to be realised.

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There are quite a few famous Prestonians.
Off the top of my head, Roy Barraclough, Fiona Armstrong, Peter Purvis, John Inman, A J Hartley, Andy Flintoff and don't forget Clarke Carlisle.🤣