The League Two Playoffs Thread.

No Danger

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Morecambe at their highest ever level. Probably the surprise of the season.
Two penalty calls the first not given and the second given were the key moments in a tight game.


I was at Deepdale November 5th 1985
A Bradford supporting mate just posted this on my FB.

A shame if true.

Would be a shame in that case. Must fancy a go at another promotion.
Bradford have been in league 2 for far too long with the gates they get (to a large degree on account of cheap season tickets).
I wonder if he'll move home, he currently resides in Kirkby Lonsdale. I hope he doesn't forget to pack his jumper, it can get a bit chilly in Bradford, certainly colder than it was at Wembley today.
At least he had the last laugh in his 'feud' with Super Kev (Ellison). My money will be on Bradford for promotion.