The Premier league so far this season.


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No matter how many times I looked at the Shaw incident everytime I saw it I thought he got the ball. Reckon I need my eyes testing again
He did get a touch on the ball. For me it was nothing, in modern football the follow through made it a foul and possible red. Yellow was the right decision I thought.

Nothing wrong with Maguires goal either. That's the type of decision that goes against England in a major tournament and the nation feels robbed. Sol Campbell springs to mind.


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Never ever thought I'd say this given how dominant United were under Fergie but does anyone else think it looks strange seeing United top of the pile?

I guess it shows how dominant both City and Liverpool have been recently with both Chelsea and Leicester as the supporting cast.

Think about 6 weeks ago, you could get 20/1 on United.
My thoughts exactly. It feels bizarre somehow, almost like a freak occurrence. Shows how far outside the title picture they’ve been in recent times.

Weird thing is, they only last won it 7 1/2 years ago!

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I’m enjoying every minute of this season. I’ve got totally used to the empty grounds and barely notice it now. The amount of sides in contention for top 4 is making it a great season so far. I also thought, PNE apart, it was a great weekend for the FA cup as well. People keep telling me Football is dying. Not from where I’m sitting it isn’t.