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The Queen

I think the moment she starts slowing too much with commitments is the moment we may, sadly see 'London Bridge' fall.

Sometimes when people lose their spouses at old age they aren't too far behind.
I'm not a royalist, but time for Her Maj to put her feet up now, retire from engagements and let lesser Royals do her bit. Who on earth expects a 90 odd year old frail woman to still be working?
The Queen will no longer be attending COP 26 on advice of her doctors.

I, for one, certainly wish her well.

Hope this isnt too serious.
I think she has lost a lot of her will to participate, since Philip passed away. The old lady should retire and pass on the burden of work, she needs to rest and stay away from all the demanding engagements, she is frail and deserves her privacy away from the public eye.
today was Prince Philips memorial service the queen made quite a big statement.

She had so many members of her family to walk with, she chose Andrew.

It's a very lengthy read, but it gives the details.
Thanks for posting daddyman, I enjoyed reading that. But I don't think it'll be quite like that for most people although the BBC will make out "the whole nation is grieving". I won't be, it'll just mean I don't watch the TV news or the main channels for a while, thankfully I have Netflix.
I will be pissed off if they cancel sporting events and the like, especially the football. I'm afraid to say, she isn't an important part of my life, end of.
Absolutely shameless