This corona virus thing...


Shit Fan
When using propoganda to attempt mass hysteria in the country it would make sense to ensure that set piece photographs are set up and staged properly.

I mean a medic in full protective gear whilst the driver is just happily doing what he does.

white helmets anyone?



Shit Fan
so we have a virus thats supposedly killed 170 people worldwide:

Meanwhile we have a UK govt whos policies have led to the deaths of over 120k British citizens:


Sid Snot

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I get mine in from Russia now Sid, they arrive quicker and don't break after two days.
Strong, like bull 😂

You have to order the Chinese girls four at a time. They're like Chinese food - an hour later you want another.

John T

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Its a further opportunity to reduce the Brexit vote for the future. Maybe its divine retribution. Lets face it. We are due a plague.
You forget

The young people of today will be the older Generation then
Hopefully they having seen a bit more of life will be much wiser then