This corona virus thing...


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Furlough to millions of people, grants to the self employed. Delaying mot's, stopping renters being evicted, mortgage extensions, various other tax reliefs. The vaccine roll out.
Do you find this acceptable?


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You have to actually be in the debate and offer opinion before you can even begin to start losing the argument!

If you’re referring to me regards Brexit, of course I voted for Brexit. I still support leaving political ties with the eu, it’s the right thing to do. In the election however it wasn’t a Brexit vote it was a general election. I’ve explained all this before, in detail. So on that note what’s in the Brexit deal that’s been agreed by Boris? What’s your thoughts on the detail? Explain my hypocrisy, because there is none.

Oh and who reported you for bullying? Certainly not me.
I did not get reported for bullying . I find it difficult to see how a conviction Brexiteer would vote Labour in the last election when the overriding issue was Brexit. I am just glad that that is now sorted out and when Covid is over we can see what benefits or not Brexit will bring. It is thought that we could see a 3% drop in overall economic activity short term but for the long term there are a growing number of analyst out there that think the UK will do well.


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Your wasting your time on here Wibble. Its really just a bit of a clique. They mainly stick together and have a dig , they love each other’s put downs . Yet when they are losing the argument they will resort to swearing and calling you a nasty Tory scum. You are not allowed to have a different opinion because only their opinion is correct and if you dare to respond in a similar vain you may find yourself being reported for bullying 😂. One of those attacking you was really for Brexit pre the election so he either did not vote at all or voted Labour. If he did not vote he should not really be able to moan about the current govt and if he did vote Labour it just shows what a hypocrite he is. Mind you you will note that the clique is not averse to being hypocritical , indeed it is rather prevalent.

10+ years of Tory rule. Fat load of good it's done with their pneonline protest.
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Nobber was adamant that Labour voters were scabs regarding brexit.

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raefil said:
Because people like you will be voting the Tories in.
No no no.

People like YOU will be applauding the fact that Labour are scabs going against a democratic decision. Meaning the Labour Party will allow the Tories in.

Boo fucking Hoo.

you mean this? No mention of Labour voters, just the party.