Time to stop taking the knee?


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I really like what Millwall and QPR are doing having the two teams integrated and shoulder to shoulder

But also allowing any players who want to take them knee to do so


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Well, no, we haven't accepted change. Millwall and Colchester booed their own players for daring to make a mark against racism for one.

By continuing to raise awareness change can be made but this is a long process. If cultural changes in organisations can take decades why should cultural change in the country as a whole take such a short time?


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Has the time come to move on, we have all accepted that black lives matter and change has to come, all lives matter, all colours and creeds, lives lost from wars, from covid.. Every life matters.
Football and all sports have played there part, but I believe its time to let it go. Your thoughts please.
As Al Murray once said.
"It's extremely complicated and me talking about it might just make it worse".😄


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I'm glad you were brave enough to say it.
I bottled it.
Considering the players have walked off in protest, led by Demba Ba, I'd say yes, it's pretty bad.

Definitely the right thing to question it but yeah their assistant was sent off for questioning the ref on his use of language just before.


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Is that even bad?
I think it depends if that was what was said or if it was a variation on that. Not sure which country the refs are from.

The point is they wouldn't have said the white guy should have referred to the players number.

If that is exactly what was said it is not racist but certainly ill advised