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Well, as per the album I posted, I much prefer the earlier stuff. Saw them for 3 quid at the Cricketers pub in Wigan in 1993 and had been listening to them for a long time before that. They used to the play The Den in Wigan every year for a few years too. I kind of tailed off on their later stuff.

I saw them at the Gaylord Entertainment Centre in Nashville in 2005.

Top night.

I drank bourbon iirc.

Jack Daniels

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Great album (before they became mainstream), check out "Red Hot Chilli Peppers" "Freaky Styley" and " The Uplift Mofo Party Plan" the 3 albums before this. Yes, I bought them back in the day.

1st up, a Lord Byrons classic, in fact, all 3 were, if you were there.

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From "Mothers Milk"...